Recipe Booklet: Deserts

Dessert often feels like a bad relationship: We love it, but we know it isn't good for us. So we try to stay away and "behave ourselves," until an inevitable slip up happens and we are left guilt-ridden. However, a sweet indulgence doesn't have to be dramatic. For these recipes, we swapped out refined sugars and flours for diverse, whole food ingredients. Then we added unique, delicious superfoods for even more nutritional benefits. Our collection of recipes meets our stringent health standards and passes the ALOHA taste test. Our treats are every bit as amazing as their unhealthy predecessors, but with no strings attached. You won't regret these desserts the day after — in fact, you can even go for a healthy second serving!

Recipe Booklet: Smoothies

We love smoothies here at the ALOHA headquarters! They are an excellent and convenient way to get a whole bunch of nutrients into your body. But not all smoothies are created equal; in fact, lots of smoothies are loaded with sugar and lack any real nutrition. It can be hard to tell how many calories and vitamins you’re sipping, so we’ve taken out the guesswork and curated ten super healthy smoothie recipes just for you! These smoothies will make your skin glow and give you loads of energy thanks to the powerful ingredients in our superfood Daily Good Blends and clean plant-based proteins.

Recipe Booklet: Breakfast

It’s hard to find someone who doesn’t like breakfast foods. Whether it’s brunch or “linner,” we find excuses to eat breakfast 24/7. But thanks to its penchant for sugary or fatty treats, breakfast can easily fall into the unhealthy food category. That’s why we took our favorite dishes — pancakes, muffins, scrambles — and turned them into superfood powerhouses. We also included a few grab-and-go options that are must-haves on a crazy workday morning. Simple recipes, fresh ingredients, and nutrient-dense ALOHA goodness make breakfast not only the most important meal of the day, but the healthiest one too!